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How the next Federal Government should make sure there is a strong building & construction industry to ensure there is a

SC MBA Fed Election 2022

Increase the domestic supply of building materials.

  • Help resolve the current spike in the cost of building materials.

  • Increase direct investment, and provide incentives to activate more private investment to supply raw materials and through their manufacture in Australia.

  • Head off a looming shortage of timber products for residential construction including measures to encourage state and territory governments to increase the size of softwood plantations.

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Ensure that home ownership is within reach for everyone & there is enough new homes, high quality rental stock, & social community housing.

  •  Increase levels of home ownership through measures to assist overcoming the deposit gap.

  •  Tax incentives for housing investors to upgrade their properties.

  •  Increasing the supply of land for housing, and reduction in land development taxes through incentive payments to state and territory governments.

  • Increase the supply of social and community housing.

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Everyone in the construction industry should play by the rules.    The economic recovery cannot be put at risk by construction union industrial tactics that disrupt & drive up the cost of construction projects.

  • Ensure that the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and its powers are kept in place and in no way watered down.

  •  Pass laws to ensure that there is accountability
    and transparency in registered organisations and their related entities.

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Investment in a pipeline of infrastructure projects & ensure that the benefits to the economy & community are maximised.

  • Ensure that investment meets the needs for a broad range of transport, defence and social infrastructure.

  • Implement procurement reforms such as local participation, capability and capacity requirements to ensure that local contractors and subcontractors have a fair opportunity to tender for work.

  • Implement procurement processes that better balance risk transfer to encourage greater competition.

Get more people into work & create more job opportunities.

  • Greater support with the right policy frameworks to ensure the industry can deliver the construction activity is driving the recovery.

  • Financial incentives for employers to take on more apprentices that will create more opportunities to forge rewarding careers and start-up businesses.

  • Greater flexibility in working visas to reflect real time labour supply constraints.

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