There are a more small businesses in building and construction than any other part of the economy. They are a key driver of innovation and entrepreneurship, train more apprentices than big business, and where jobs are created. 

99% of Australia's building and construction businesses are small and family owned, so it's important that everyone plays by the rules, gets paid on time and can conduct business fairly without unnecessary and ineffective red-tape. 

Government must avoid making it harder for small business by ensuring policies are sensible, practical and clear. 

Ensuring Fair & Sensible Commercial Conduct

Whether it's a house, a new hospital or a renovation, all construction is built in carefully planned and timed stages using specialist sub-contractors such as carpenters, bricklayers and roofers. The entire industry depends on contracting - builders needs 'subbies' to get work done and 'subbies' need builders to provide and coordinate the work. 

  • That's why it's so important for everyone to behave fair and reasonably - we strongly believe everyone is entitled to be paid for the work they do, in full and on time. 
  • It's important to resist simple solutions and understand that there's no single solution because the problem is complex. The next Federal Government must: 
  • Work with states and territories to fix Security of Payment Laws so they are more consistent, simple and accessible. 
  • Preserve the rights of independent contractors as a legitimate and necessary form of business. 
  • Ensure changes to Commonwealth Government procurement laws actually deliver improved standards of commercial conduct, not just more red tape. 

Dedicated Review Of Existing Building Industry Red Tape

Building and construction businesses are drowning in red tape and it's getting worse. The next Federal Government must: 

  • Undertake a genuine and meaningful of all building and construction regulation and compliance obligations with a view to slashing red tape. 
  • Not introduce additional red-tape or burdensome business regulation unless it's absolutely necessary. 

Reduce The Tax Burden 

Reductions in business taxation levels will drive investment and boost jobs. The next Federal Government must: 

  • Permanently increase the deductibility threshold for business assets to 30,000, make it permanent and extend to all businesses. 

Create A New Independent Regulator Small Business Regulator 

The next Australian Government should establish a new independent agency to eliminate the introduction of red-tape and to remove complex laws and unfair one sided procurement practices that mean many small businesses miss out on government funded construction work. The new regulator must: 

  • Rigorously test the impact of legislation and regulation on SMEs. 
  • Spearhead changes to make the Federal Government a 'model procurer' to ensure projects are made accessible to small business. 

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