Home ownership and the adequate supply of a diverse range of housing options are vital components of the national economy and Australia’s social fabric.

Building homes for families drives the national economy, creates jobs, stimulates other industries and helps to create safer communities.

A key policy objective for the next Federal Government must be to ensure affordable housing is available for all Australians. 

This can be achieved through a nationally co-ordinated policy agenda to promote home ownership, and to reverse the current downward trend which has seen home ownership become out of reach for a growing share of the Australian population, particularly young people.

Removing or changing negative gearing rules is not the answer.

For too many younger Australians, home ownership has become an unattainable dream.

A number of factors have led to a worsening of housing affordability. These include inefficient land release strategies, excessive development levies, taxes and charges, excessive planning and building requirements, and uncoordinated local and state government environmental regulations.

We need to remove the impediments to the building of more new homes if we are to enjoy the benefits of a strong building industry and a strong economy.

Master Builders is campaigning to improve access to affordable housing and increased opportunity for home ownership at the 2016 Federal Election.

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