Master Builders Welcomes Coalition's Plans
To Protect Vulnerable Workers

“The Coalition’s Policy to Protect Vulnerable Workers achieves a reasonable balance between the interests of workers and employers,” Wilhelm Harnisch CEO of Master Builders Australia said. 

“Master Builders Australia has long called for the Fair Work Ombudsman to be given more resources to assist in ensuring compliance with workplace laws and rules, and welcome moves to give them more powers to investigate breaches of workplace laws,” he said. 

“Employers who do not provide the correct entitlements to workers should be condemned and Master Builders supports increased penalties for those who deliberately and systematically do the wrong thing,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“We are pleased the proposed policy balances the need to protect vulnerable workers while recognising that employers sometimes make inadvertent mistakes,” he said. 
“Those who deliberately rip off workers, on a systematic basis, should feel the full force of the law but those who make a genuine mistake, particularly small businesses, shouldn’t suffer onerous penalties because of their mistake,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“Master Builders notes and supports the proposal to give the Fair Work Ombudsman the same investigative powers as the ATO, ACCC and ASIC,” he said. 

“These new powers appear to be the same as those available to a re-established ABCC, they are necessary to get the job done and we support them,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.