Master Builders Welcomes ALP’s Focus On Apprentices

Master Builders Australia welcomes the Australian Labor Party’s focus on apprenticeship training, particularly pre-apprenticeship training through the proposed Apprentice Ready policy released today. 

“Master Builders welcomes Labor’s recognition of the need for pre-apprenticeship training in working with industry to providing young people with the skills they need and the skills employers want.  This is in line with Master Builders’ policy for greater pre-apprenticeship training for young Australians,” Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said. 

“Master Builders has called for an increased focus on pre-apprenticeships particularly in its Towards 2020 Policy for Australian Apprenticeship Reforms and in our Jobs and Skills for the Future policy at this Election," he said. 

“Pre-apprenticeship programmes have proven success in helping apprentices to go onto completing their apprenticeships and ultimately employment. With the current completion rate for apprenticeships at around 50%, Master Builders welcomes initiatives that will support a greater number of young people to complete their apprenticeships,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“The policy initiative released by Labor will help Master Builders realise its benchmarks that would see 80% of the construction workforce holding a post-school qualification and 100,000 apprentices in training,” he said. 

“Master Builders would want to see that the Apprentice Ready programme be open to all RTOs, and not just TAFE. Master Builders believes in a strong public and private training market where RTOs compete on a level playing field,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“Master Builders also welcomes the ALPs pilot for a National Skills Recognition Entitlement Programme to help mature-aged workers into formal qualifications based on their previous work experience, but for which they have not received formal recognition,” he said. 

“The proposed apprenticeships programme should be industry-centred to meet the needs of employers, particularly small business, which employ many of our carpentry, plumbing and other apprentices in the construction industry,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“Master Builders in supporting mentoring, calls for it to be available to all apprentices, not just those who study through TAFE. Mentoring has proven to help many young people complete their apprenticeships and Master Builders would welcome a focus on mentoring that is open to all students no matter where they undertake their training,” he said. 

“Labor’s plan for apprenticeship quotas may assist in facilitating apprentice training but should not be a substitute to tackling the more fundamental policy challenges in the apprenticeship system,” Wilhelm Harnisch CEO of Master Builders Australia said.