Policy Scorecard To
Inform Builder’s Votes

“Master Builders Australia is today releasing its  Policy Scorecard for the 2016 Federal Election to its 32,000 members across Australia,” Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia.

“The scorecard will help inform Master Builders members in every city, region and community around Australia when they cast their vote on Saturday,” he said.

“The outcomes of the 2016 Federal Election will impact on more than a million industry practitioners including builders, independent contractors, sub-contractors, apprentices, engineers, architects, designers and project managers,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

“Master Builders Strong Building, Strong Economy campaign has called on our politicians for builder and business friendly policies so that the next the term of government delivers economic stability and growth and so the building and construction industry can continue playing a major role driving the investment and jobs to help transition the economy,” he said.

Strong Building, Strong Economy policy manifesto has put forward Master Builders’ comprehensive agenda comprised of key priorities for the next term of government. These and Master Builders sixteen election videos and advertisements can be viewed at www.strongbuilding.com.au,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

Master Builders’ Policy Scorecard will inform its members and those in the broader building industry of the major parties policies on issues important to the building and construction industry and a stronger economy including policies for: