Policies For Builders And Business Needed
At This Election

“Master Builders Australia welcomes the calling of the Federal Election and looks forward to the major parties outlining their vision for the next term of government,” Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said. 

“Master Builders will look for business and building friendly policies to ensure that the $200 billion industry, the third largest in the economy, employing over a million people and training over 50,000 apprentices each year will continue to be important in Australia’s transitioning economy and where home ownership remains an achievable cornerstone of who we are as a nation,” he said. 

“For the building and construction industry the big picture issues are policies that underpin a strong economy, and jobs and which boost confidence and investment,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

Home ownership and housing affordability policies rank highly,” he said. 

Training our young people for rewarding careers in building apprenticeships is also a high priority,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“Investment in infrastructure is critical to make our cities more liveable and productive,” he said. 

“A flexible industrial relations environment is also important in creating jobs of the future and to raise productivity,” Wilhelm Harnisch said. 

“Master builders in the lead up to 2 July will critically assess the policies of the major parties against the priorities and needs of the building and construction industry set out in this media statement,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.