The 2016 Federal Election gives Master Builders members the chance to have their say about how they want our nation to be governed in the next three years. 
A strong economy is important to the viability of your business and the policies implemented by the next Federal Government will have a significant impact on the confidence of business, investors and homebuyers. 
The Strong Building, Strong Economy campaign is about Master Builders standing up for our 32,000 members across the residential building, commercial construction and civil/engineering construction sectors and telling our politicians that we need the next Federal Government to help business and the economy to grow. 
It is about reminding our politicians that the $200 billion building and construction industry is Australia’s third largest industry that employs over a million people and trains more than 50,000 apprentices each year. 
We know that in every city, every region and every community Master Builders are building prosperity, economic growth and jobs in their communities. 
That is why Master Builders are championing builder and business friendly policies so that our $200 billion industry can continue to be important to a stronger economy and making Australia a better place. 
I hope that you will join with Master Builders Associations around Australia to back our call for policies for a stronger building industry, a stronger economy and stronger communities from the major parties at this Election. 

Wilhelm Harnisch
Chief Executive Officer
Master Builders Australia